A home-made Christmas

Nothing makes me more instantly happy than when the sun shines,
and yet this year, I'm finding myself massively excited for winter.

Maybe it's because last winter was the best time of my life...

The last blue moon... New Year's eve 2009, on the night the man I love asked me to marry him...

 ...Down on one knee in his kilt in the snow... Right here.

Chester canal in winter. Beautiful.

Possibly the biggest snowman in the history of time (I'd like to think so...)

Or maybe because we've since agreed that we want to have a winter wedding, which makes winter suddenly seem like the most amazing time of year to me.

Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that I've decided this year is to be home-made Christmas!

I'm well aware it's still October, and I normally don't THINK about gifts until December, but I'm VERY excited for this.

Now I just need to plan what to make for everyone!!

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