Each year, I help out at a children's holiday club, and it's one my FAVOURITE weeks of the year!

So every Summer, I'm given the task of producing some huge art for the walls.

One such year I was asked to paint a lion. But not a scary lion. The kind of lion that makes 5 year olds want pet lions!

And so I did my thing and the result was a 2 foot tall friendly looking lion who was soon named Patrick.

Around the time Patrick was adorning the walls, I was just starting to fall in love with a boy named Samm, and so at the end of the week Patrick became his, and now has pride of place on his bedroom wall.

Over a year later, Samm is now my fiancĂ©, and Patrick's moved up in the world too...

A friend of mine liked the look of this handsome little fella, and decided she liked him SO much that...

...he's now a permanent feature on her ankle!

I never thought I'd be a tattoo artist... life is full of surprises!

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