The other night I heard the most beautiful story about a little boy who goes to a friend's church. His grandparents are caught up in the mess left from the recent flooding in the Philippines. Soon it's his 5th birthday - a chance to be happy and showered in gifts and entirely selfish. But this little boy instead stood up in his church on Sunday, and asked everybody to please not buy him presents, but to send his grandparents and their friends money to stay alive and well.

Earlier this year, Allen and Violet Large, an elderly Canadian couple, won  $11.2 million on the lottery... 
and gave every last bit of it away. 

"That money that we won was nothing. We have each other."
- Allen Large

I'll admit, sometimes I think people are pretty rubbish. But I LOVE being proved wrong. 

My dear friend and almost-sister Liz recently wrote... 

"Idealism isn't necessarily unreachable abstract concepts that we daydream about, 
idealism is the truth, depth and beauty we see in the world around us. 
It's about seeing something pure and thinking, 
I want more of that." 

I want more of this.
I want a world FULL of these people.
And I want to be that kind of person...
I want to know that I could give up millions of pounds or a day of justified self indulgence just because I love people so deeply and truly and beautifully.

Sometimes I think people are wonderful.

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  1. I hadn't noticed this post, though apparently you wrote it almost a week ago. Those are two lovely stories, and it is most certainly something to strive for - to be so utterly selfless.
    The thing I've been noticing recently, especially in Hull, is that yes, the world is full of rubbish right now, but if you are willing to look beneath all that, there are a lot of genuinely beautiful things that people do. I think you've said it just right.


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