So it's been a while...

It's been the actual craziest couple of weeks.

Firstly, I have a job offer! As an actual real-life counsellor. I couldn't be happier.

Since then, I've been snowed into my friend's grandmother's house up in Newcastle, played lots in the snow, caught a horrible cold, gone a bit mad over deadlines, my university's actually had to close because of the weather, finally paid for my New Year Birthday Weekend in Wales with some amazing friends, and in less jolly news, I'm currently stranded in Hull while I'm meant to be home seeing my parents for their big party.
Not only are the roads undriveable, but the train station where I would be going to caught fire!!
Maybe I'll sit tight here.

Enough about me, let's talk about Hannah...

Hannah is the lovely lady who asked me to design her new tattoo for her.
She is one of those people who makes you smile and laugh without even trying. She's also one of the most strong-hearted people I know.
Anyway, she was looking at a painting I'm working on of some love birds, and she said she likes my style.
And so asked me to do some little doodles of "maybe some cherry blossom or something"
... Seeing as cherry blossom is a symbol of strength, I think it's most fitting.

So doodle I did, and they're all very rough but forgive that and think of them as a first draft...

I've numbered them all, please tell me your favourites or what you think of each, and I'll work on getting some more finished versions soon!

Oh and excuse the messy pictures, my scanner hates me, and I don't have a real camera right now.

1. Just a basic shape. Needs colour I think.
2. I personally quite like this one. Poshed up would maybe have a couple of falling petals. 

3. Not cherry blossom, but I liked it for a tattoo.

4. This was more for the cherry blossom flower shape, bit dull as a design.

5. I just love fans!


7. One of my favourites




11. I can't decide whether this is a dove or a phoenix

12. My favourite cherry blossom design

Thank you. Enjoy the snow on my behalf... I'm off for lemsip and soup!


  1. I like number 5!!
    They're all cool though and I like the dove/phoenix in an odd way its more meaningful when it incorporates both types of birds. x

  2. Hannah couldn't decide which was her favourite, and has decided to get three!
    3(The heart) at the bottom of her back,
    11 (The phoenix dove)on her hip and
    12 (Blossom) on her leg near a butterfly she already has.
    How very exciting =) x

  3. I love these! Specially the fan! Very kewl!

    Raised By Wolves


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