you INSPIRE me...

I'm a big music person. I find that sometimes, when you just can't quite find the words, there's a songwriter out there to do it for you.

Recently I've been constantly scribbling down song lyrics on scraps of paper and losing them around my room to be found weeks later, when I suddenly remember the idea that came with them.

Sarah Buck. My oasis. My sparkle of quaint in a city of concrete. She's quite simply wonderful. 
(and she made that hat herself - before animal hats were cool)

And THIS is what I finally got around to giving her for Christmas after making it almost two months ago...

It had to include the hat. When I first met her as a fresher, it was all I recognised her by. 
That and the fact she's 2' tall.  
I recommend you check her out... she's pretty phenomenal.

The lyric is from Joseph Arthur's "You're So True". 

I think of Miss Buck every time I hear it. She is one of the most open, honest people I have ever met. 
I can always rely on her to tell it like it is, and she won't pretend for anybody. I completely admire her in so many ways.

"I'm strange 
And you're strange 
Don't want you to change 
No way 
...I hope you know
You inspire me
You're a flower
And I'm a bee
I need you" 


More homemade gifts...

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So I thought I'd share a handful more of the little things I made for Christmas...

Firstly, for my lovely mother, who is currently obsessed with Kirsty's home made home, and has been talking for months about wanting the house to be more personal and full of family things, I decided to make something she can put around the house...

I hadn't made candles in YEARS and I forgot how long it takes! But it was more than worth it because she loved them.

And for my brother, who presented me with the typical "guys are so hard to get good gifts for" dilemma...

A book about war and things that boys are interested in (not homemade... but I think I get away with it) WITH a little tatty hand sewn bookmark! 


Hey good lookin'

My beautiful friend and housemate Liz is one of the BEST cooks ever!
Her mince pies are to die for and over the Winter we must have made about 100 lots of soup together.

She's also marrying my brother in 5 months time.

My favourite thing is not that I get to wear a gorgeous bridesmaid dress,
or living in a house permanently sprinkled with wedding magazines,
or even that we're going to be SISTERS,
but that every other day she walks into my room with cups of tea and says "I'm going to have to live with a boy!!" and pouts like a 5 year old, it's hilarious.

So for Christmas I figured I should make her a little something she can take into married life with her...

...In the form of a pretty little apron

 I love the polka dots on her, and the red gives it a bit of fun.

The big black button is one of my Grandma's, which I button-holed so that the apron can be taken off without ruining your hair!! Dinner party perfect or what? 

She'll make a lovely little wifey.

I will hugely miss living with this girl though, purely for moments like the other morning when I find a note to our letting agents on her bedroom door saying...

"to the people about to view our house... please excuse the mess and my knickers"


It's a new year...

...and it feels like it's going to be a good one =)

After a Christmas spent with my family, New Year (and my 21st...and my very best friend Olivia's 21st) was spent in a rented lodge with some wonderful friends.
It was a weekend of relaxing, popping lots of sparkling wine, gathering round a bonfire on the beach, singing, eating lots of cake and Christmas leftovers and, my personal favourite... home made gifts galore!

So - now that Christmas is over and most people have their gifts from me, I can share a little...


Olivia and I have known each other 10 years this year...

She's the kind of friend you only get once in a lifetime. The kind I don't know if most people ever get at all. I'm so truly lucky to know her.

For the last decade, Olivia's poor mother has put up with endless late night giggling, girls dying each other's hair at 3am and baking cookies at 6am and never once complained (at least, not to me). I LOVE her for it.
For my 21st, Mrs Pinnock made me this scarf... I think it's beautiful.

Olivia also gave me some exciting crafted presents... for Christmas she picked me up a handmade leather handbag which I love, and this cute little brooch made by a local artist.

As well as a completely amazingly beautiful original 1920s dresser set for my birthday which is too precious to unwrap and photograph right now.  

So... THIS is what I made for Olivia for her 21st... and I never knew fur could make me so angry at a sewing machine... but I very much like the result.

I think it looks mega cute on her.

For Christmas, I embroidered her a personal piece, that to my shame, didn't get finished in time... but it's still in the making, so I'll maybe share when it's done.

And... because she's the most important lady in my life, and we were both celebrating so much, I made her two extra special little gifts to ask her to be my chief bridesmaid. 
I forgot to take pictures before I gave them to her, so unless she sends me some, you'll have to make do with her reaction...

Happy New Year. Make it a great one =)