Hey good lookin'

My beautiful friend and housemate Liz is one of the BEST cooks ever!
Her mince pies are to die for and over the Winter we must have made about 100 lots of soup together.

She's also marrying my brother in 5 months time.

My favourite thing is not that I get to wear a gorgeous bridesmaid dress,
or living in a house permanently sprinkled with wedding magazines,
or even that we're going to be SISTERS,
but that every other day she walks into my room with cups of tea and says "I'm going to have to live with a boy!!" and pouts like a 5 year old, it's hilarious.

So for Christmas I figured I should make her a little something she can take into married life with her...

...In the form of a pretty little apron

 I love the polka dots on her, and the red gives it a bit of fun.

The big black button is one of my Grandma's, which I button-holed so that the apron can be taken off without ruining your hair!! Dinner party perfect or what? 

She'll make a lovely little wifey.

I will hugely miss living with this girl though, purely for moments like the other morning when I find a note to our letting agents on her bedroom door saying...

"to the people about to view our house... please excuse the mess and my knickers"


  1. That apron is sooooo LOVELY! lovin the button detail.

  2. I'm in love with the apron, and I genuinely think it made the apple pie taste better :)
    We should make Saturday midnight apple pie a regular thing...
    Seriously, the apron is gorgeous, and I love the button detail and the fact that it fits PERFECTLY. Thank you so much :)

  3. What a nice apron! I love the way you attached the buttons on the front.

    By the way, thanks for visiting artsy ants blog, you have an open invitation to visit our ant hill any time :)

  4. You apron turned out so cute! I love the button detail!



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