you INSPIRE me...

I'm a big music person. I find that sometimes, when you just can't quite find the words, there's a songwriter out there to do it for you.

Recently I've been constantly scribbling down song lyrics on scraps of paper and losing them around my room to be found weeks later, when I suddenly remember the idea that came with them.

Sarah Buck. My oasis. My sparkle of quaint in a city of concrete. She's quite simply wonderful. 
(and she made that hat herself - before animal hats were cool)

And THIS is what I finally got around to giving her for Christmas after making it almost two months ago...

It had to include the hat. When I first met her as a fresher, it was all I recognised her by. 
That and the fact she's 2' tall.  
I recommend you check her out... she's pretty phenomenal.

The lyric is from Joseph Arthur's "You're So True". 

I think of Miss Buck every time I hear it. She is one of the most open, honest people I have ever met. 
I can always rely on her to tell it like it is, and she won't pretend for anybody. I completely admire her in so many ways.

"I'm strange 
And you're strange 
Don't want you to change 
No way 
...I hope you know
You inspire me
You're a flower
And I'm a bee
I need you" 


  1. no words can express...other than thank you and i am so blessed to know you. x

  2. Awww you guys are adorable! That's a realy great gift too.

    <3 Danielle


  3. that is so true about songs! sometimes they say the exact things you are feeling or want to say. i love that little embroidery!


  4. Absolutely LOVE your gift! It's so adorable!


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