"Always Follow Your Dreams"

I love that feeling when you realise the people you believe in the most believe in you right back...

When a friend came to stay last weekend, she produced some pages she'd torn out of Stylist magazine and said they made her think of me, and she hoped I'd be inspired.

A few days later, an envelope came through my door from my closest friend... with a postcard on which she'd written "Always Follow Your Dreams"... along with the very same article torn out of the same magazine for me.

One of my friends (turned-semi-published-author) has also just asked me to do the cover art for her book.

And not so long from now, Hannah will be getting the tattoos I designed her for Christmas.

It's lovely knowing that people want me doing my thing.


  1. What lovely friend's you have. You should definitely follow your dreams, it is clearly fate.

  2. thats so cool that they both saw the same article and thought of you! that has to mean something. i dont know you, but i can see from your blog that you're a talented artist and crafter. do after your dreams, girl! :)

  3. that is so exciting! i did a drawing for my sister in law and she got it tattooed! i have been meaning to do a post of all my drawings i have done for other people...i should do that soon!!



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