A Daisy and a Lilly.

I've been making daisies, but can't decide whether I've made little hair pieces or cute brooches... 

What do you reckon?

I'll buy fastenings accordingly...

Oh and that's Lilly. 


  1. These are adorable (the daisy AND the bunny)! That is a really tough call, hair clip or brooch...is there any way you could do both?
    Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  2. first off your daisy hair pin is so cute and i love the button! and secondly i just LOVE LOVE lilly!!! she is the cutest! i always had bunnies when i was little..they make the sweetest pets! when i moved out i tried soo hard to convince my husband to get a bunny but i just couldn't get him to agree...thus we now have a kitty! but i miss having a bunny!


  3. Is that your bunny?!!?

    Bighugelabs.com can help you create a header. I would use the pinky colour for your big background and White for the middle/content background. Easier to read etc


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