Self Portrait

Recently I've been going along to a local drawing class.

It's led by a slightly... we'll call her "kooky", woman who insists there's "no such thing as a bad drawing" and that "as long as you record what you see, it doesn't matter what it looks like"

I must say I don't agree, but it's been fun.

Along with countless works of art involving towers of marshmallows and cardboard boxes, we were asked to produce a 30-minute self portrait... without using any rules of perspective etc, so no drawing lines of where the nose is "meant" to go in relation to the eyes, just draw what you ACTUALLY see.

And this is what I ended up with...

Now I'd like to clarify that I do smile, and I've finally had a hair cut!!
But this is my concentrating-hard-on-drawing-as-much-as-possible-in-30-minutes-face-in-a-mirror-uncut-hair-and-thick-rimmed-glasses self.


  1. I took life drawing in college and would love to get back into it! great drawing!

  2. This is awesome! Your drawing is very well done, especially for being done in 30 minutes- that's crazy! And I like your thick-rimmed-glasses-self :) I have a self portrait I did while looking in the mirror and I look pissed off- LOL- the face of concentration! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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