Springtime Hairslides

I woke up in the mood to make today.

And for the first time in months, the sunshine is out!
It's SO close to picnic and BBQ season I can feel it.

And it's a full moon tonight... just a little fact for you.

Anyway! Here's my morning's making...

A rolled felt rose with leaves

...and a couple of lazier makes...
Butterfly brad hair slide
The bottom one is made from one of my grandma's old buttons 

Perfect for Spring, no?


  1. OH yes...i'm still waiting for one of these cute grips! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! x

  2. That butterfly clip is just simple and cute! Love...

    <3 Danielle from

  3. I do like that butterfly slide! Very pretty :)

    Thanks for dropping by my place today - it was lovely to see you there :)

  4. How delightful! I'm a sucker for felt flowers so I would have to pick the pink posie as my favorite.


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