Every cloud has a silver lining...

On my daily visit to Folksy today, this front page made me smile after a damp grey walk home.
I so love the umbrella tshirt! Too cute.

Anyway... not one to miss out on the fun, I was inspired, and made a silly little cloudy brooch...

...Complete with silver lining.

I also went haberdashery raiding today and got BAGS full of ribbons just ready to be turned into pretty things. These are just a few...

I love this beautiful rich red selection.

These blues just looked so spring-time-y. These will be going on EVERYTHING for the next few months! 

And a little bit of sparkle for the next rainy day.

I hope the weather's happier where you are =) 


  1. I love the ribbon! So pretty. And those cloud/rain photographs are darling.. makes me want to buy some wellies and go dancing in the rain!

  2. I love all things clouds! I am heading there now! NOW!

    PS - thanks for the compliment on my hair! x

  3. What a sweet post. It is pouring down rain here. Nice to remember every cloud has a silver lining. :)


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