Easter and a mum-made lovely

I hope everybody had a beautiful Easter.

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend down at my parents', going for sunshine walks and sitting around a fire every evening.

On Easter day, we put on a big "fun day" for their village, by the side of the lake, 
with a free BBQ, a bouncy castle (that I didn't get to go on!) and puppet show for the kids, 
and my friend and I provided live music for the day. 
I absolutely forgot how much I love playing for a crowd. Is that vain of me?
Either way, it was a BEAUTIFUL day.

A while ago, when my lovely mum was visiting, we bought some buttons and agreed to each see what we could come up with for them... To my shame, I've not yet used any of them, but I LOVE this little beauty that my mum made...

For now it's just flat on the back, but I've been told to turn it into whatever I fancy. 
I have a massive thing for brooches this Spring, so I think I may turn her into a little sweet to wear on my favourite dresses.


  1. that little birdie is just sooooo cute!!! i love it!


  2. Gorgeous bird! Your mum is very talented!

  3. that birdie is beautiful! love your mum!

  4. What fun! I love to play as well, although I'm still learning :P & what a lovely dove so pretty :)

  5. so jealous you know how to play guitar! and it's been far too long since I've seen a bouncy castle in person...


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