I made...

...and not just any pyjamas... tartan pyjamas!

After getting a sewing machine for my birthday this year,
I decided to make it a new years resolution to make something new every month...
and this month I decided to make something just for me. 

What do you think?

 I've been in LOVE with this fabric ever since I bought it, 
now I wish I'd bought more!

I worked from a pattern (ish) that I won't be using again... 
I ended up having to do a bit of creative thinking to make them work.
Does anyone know of a good reliable PJ tutorial anywhere? 
Else I'll just have to make up my own!

I know these are simple... but I'm proud of them!


  1. Wow! These look great! You did an excellent job

  2. Gotta LOVE these! I'll try and find a better pattern for you. pretty sure i have a vintage one floating around somewhere.

  3. they are great! love the fit too, quite unusual. and the fabric is amazing!

    best wishes,

  4. i think they came out great!!
    i have a problem finding nice pjs that fit and don't make my behind look too big while still being loose enough for comfort, haha... life's tough ;) unfortunately i don't have any pj patterns, sorry.


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