A little present for a little friend...

I'm very excited.
Next weekend, Samm's mum and grandma and 5 year old little sister are all coming to visit...
...and to see our wedding reception venue of choice!

Samm's sister is the cutest little thing, and ever since I first went to meet his family, and her and I spent an entire afternoon laying on our tummies drawing pictures, she's always insisted on informing people "Nikki and me are artists!" every time I'm mentioned.

So I kind of felt I owed her a little something when she comes.

I made her a little felt hair slide, but it looked a bit lonely and I haven't made any slide-cards yet, so...

A little felt fairy to look after it!

I made this little fairy's hair look just like hers, 
and blue is (was...) her favourite colour... because Cinderella wears blue!

I hope she likes it!


  1. this is so adorable!!! What are your thoughts on my blog layout at the minute? Is that the kind of thing you are after? x

  2. hi Nikki, such a pretty card. many thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such kind thoughts! going to read a bit more of your blog now too, Lucyxx

  3. ooo myyy goshhh that is the cutest thing ive ever seen! she will totally love it... dang i wish i was that creative! you go girl!


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