5 minute DIY - "To do... save the planet"

I love a good recycle, restyle, refasion, reuse, re-anything. 
It's SO important to look after our world.
So... today I finished my final final final piece of work for University  (A whole day and a half before deadline. Yaaay!)
... but on my return from getting it printed and bound, 
I realised that the project has just left me with tonnes of paper, mostly only used on one side. 
and I mean TONNES!! 
Half way to the recycle bin though... a thought struck me. 

Not only do I love great planet saving ideas.
I LOVE making lists.
Actual weird levels of love.

So... what better than a reused-paper to-do list pad!
It took only a matter of minutes, and I still have lots of paper left.
Nothing fancy, but I'll share in case you like our world too =)

You will simply need... 
Paper. Any amount, any type, any size, colour, lined or plain.
A little piece of card.
A paper guillotine. Scissors will do if you have more patience than I do.
A sewing machine. A needle will do if you're less prone to stabbing yourself than I am.

The leftovers of my dissertation.. 

1. Decide some arbitrary size to chop up lots of paper into. And chop. (I cut A4 into thirds)
2. Stack your papers neatly
3. Chop up a piece of card so that it's the same width but longer than the paper...
4... Like that. (I told you this was easy!)

5. Fold the excess over the top (This is too much excess, I cut some off afterwards)
6. Make sure your machine needle is not threaded (to make perforations, not to stitch paper together).
7. Allow your machine to do a super speedy perforation job for you... 
(Don't put too many through at once, for the sake of your poor needle)
8... Like this!

At this point you should line the fold of the card with glue to hold the paper in.
(apologies for the lack of photo at this point... I was too busy taking pictures of my silly bunny taking a nap)
Until you have a little something like this...

OK so I may have also had a doodle and a fancy cut while I was forgetting to take photos...

But look...!!




  1. Love the picture of the leftovers from your dissertation - great eye!
    And that's a neat idea, I will try to recycle mine the way you did next time I have a mountain of paper! Thanks for the idea! :)

  2. what a great idea and i love helping save the planet too!


  3. this is a cool idea! i love putting together notebooks from random bits and pieces of paper!

  4. Brilliant idea! It's great to think about recycling like this, and what a cute bunny! :)

  5. This is so cool! I love making lists, too, hehe :) Fun DIY.

  6. This is such a great idea! I am a "list maker" too! Thanks for stopping by Justsewsassy.com and for always leaving sweet comments :)


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