Bridesmaid planning (1) Shoes!

I'm soon to be a bridesmaid!

Which is especially exciting as it's the wedding of my lovely housemate Liz and my big brother.

We're getting our bridesmaid dresses handmade by a nice local lady, 
but it's up to me to accessorise however I wish... FUN!

So... I thought I'd share some of my ideas...

First... Shoes...

1. top left - Barratts
2. top right - Barratts 
3. bottom left - Schuh
4. bottom right - Schuh

In the end, one of the other bridesmaids decided on pair 1, 
pair 2 were just too white,
my lovely man is the best man, and not the tallest guy, so may have cried at pair 3,
and pair 4 were just slightly beaten by my final choice...

Aren't they so elegant??
I have been parading around the house in these ever since I got them home. 
They go just great with my PJs!
I would LOVE to show you you bride's shoes but I'm under a strict vow of secrecy.

Now I just need to sort out...
hair accessories,
and... maybe a bracelet.

Any ideas?

I kind of want to stick with handmade for the jewellery, so I'll be scouring Folksy. 
I promise to share my findings...


  1. how exciting! congrats! and how even more cool that you will be wearing handmade local dresses! that is super cool! have fun with the accessories!


  2. How fun!! Ahhh I LOVE shoes!!
    Thanks for stopping by today and checking out my Tutorial!

  3. those look like a GREAT pair of shoes! good choice! what color is the dress? have fun being a bridesmaid!


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