Daisy, daisy.

Hello love.

I've been creating something new.

I have a massive thing for daisies.
I think they're the most beautiful of all the flowers.

So I decided to make myself this hairpiece. 
It bugged me that I didn't have any slightly larger hair things. So now I do!

I think I may make more... Maybe on headbands next time.
What do you think?
A contender for my coming soon Folksy collection?

(Sorry about the terrible quality photo of me! Maybe I should stick to "things")

While I'm on the daisy love... 
Here's a picture I adore that Samm took for me during the first Summer we spent apart... 
because it reminded him of me, n'aww! 

P.S. I must say a proper THANK YOU to Claire from Heart Handmade UK for giving me some really useful photography hints a while ago. 
I hope my "skill" is slowly improving - if so - it's thanks to her 
(go check out her blog if you haven't... it's TOO pretty!)

Also... I'm excited to say... I will be posting a special little something here for Mollie Johanson's virtual tea party next week. All I shall say is there's hundreds and thousands EVERYWHERE!


  1. those are sooooooo cute! you did a fantastic job! i love daisies too..well any flower really!


  2. Very cute! I saw a girl carrying an enormous daisy chain necklace a couple of days ago. :-)


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