Dear readers...

Am I the only one sad enough to be totally heartbroken at losing two days worth of comments after the blogger meltdown?
I feel like I lost an opportunity to say hello to lots of new people, and thank them for their encouragements. So to whoever those 7 or 8 people were who I never got the chance to get back to...
Hello and thank you!
(Plus selfishly, my most commented on blog post ever quickly became a post with just 1 little hello)

On a brighter note!!

I've been making a "graduate list" ...
Have I ever mentioned how much I love to make lists?
...of things I want to do once I graduate from University (which is scary soon)
A BIG thing on that list is to open a Folksy shop.
It's something I've been wanting to do for months now.

I have lots of beautiful friends and family all encouraging me endlessly,
but I feel I've also "met" some very smart and lovely people through this blog.

So... I would LOVE some advice from people who've been doing this longer than I...
or from people who have a Folksy or an Etsy already...
or from people like me who just love to shout about their opinions...

At this point, I stop to consider my question.
How's my blog doing?
Like my header?
Would you buy what I create?
Do I need to grow my blog more before launching a Folksy?

Do you know what... the floor is open... I have SO many questions for you... whoever you are...
So please - feel free to answer whatever it is you think I may be trying to ask.

Much obliged,

Nikki Joy x

PS. Thank you - for whatever kind words you may have given me before, for following me, or even taking the time to read this. You're lovely.


  1. nikki, thank you for passing by and for your lovely comment! :)

    i love the header, and i too am sad i lost some comments. i like using those like a door to meet a new person and start a blog-friendship.

    happy monday!

  2. hi there, i'm not sure if i wrote a comment that was lost - but i felt just the same about the comments to a post i wrote that got lost. it's a shame. well, here we go again. it's me, sylvia, from artsy ants. we have a giveaway over on our blog i thought you might like to join!

  3. hiya nikki! thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! i think yours is adorable! and no, sweets you were so not alone in the sadness over lost comments, i was wayy bummed on it!

    xo shannon

  4. I just found your blog, so i don't have much advice... but i do think your blog is really cute! I like the layout a lot. p.s. how annoying was the blogger glitch???

  5. yay! graduation! so exciting! <3

    hope it's lovely :)

    love, polly :D:D

  6. I was a bit miffed as well, luckily I only lost the comments on one post but it does look a bit sad now with only 2 comments... oh well not the end of the world but I agree it was annoying!

    Regarding an etsy shop I don't have any experience since I don't have one, but for your blog I would recommend having a picture of yourself under "about me". Studies show that people are more likely read your blog and buy stuff when they see a human face first thing! I like your header but I think you should center it. Otherwise it's looking good! Hope this helps!

    Lisa x

  7. heya, I just discovered your blog. looks like a happy place. I love lists too and am looking forward to reading yours :)


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