Exciting deliveries...

Have you ever had a tough week that all seems so worth it thanks to someone amazing?

My little lady friend Sarah 
who if you've ever read this blog before, you'll know is my very best baking and crafting accomplice, 
turned up on my doorstep the other day,
holding these...

If you didn't already know, I love daisies!
These are straight out of her garden, which makes them even more beautiful.

A perfect excuse to further learn my way around my camera.
I think I'm getting somewhere?

And as if they weren't enough, Samm bought me these home after being away on my brother's stag do...

My room smells so incredible right now!

That's enough exciting deliveries for one week right??
Oh ok one more...

I'm going to see the Subways!! (again)

 Life is sweet right now =)

P.S. I've been making new things that I'll share soon...

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  1. what wonderful flowers! i definitely think you're getting somewhere with your camera :)


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