I just had to share the cuteness...

It's been a long week in my world. 
I graduate from university this Summer so I'm fighting against deadlines at the moment, 
hence the saddening lack of creating!

BUT... Through the clouds of dissertations and word counts, shine...

1. My brand new sewing box...

How sweet is it??
The French means "workshop of style" if I'm not mistaken?
 I am totally in love with it... and the best part is, it only cost me £5!
My gorgeous friend Hannah took me to this ridiculous craft-meets-cash-and-carry warehouse, 
I could have spent SO much money!
I will DEFINITELY be going back before the big day =)

2. Coming home from a long day at the library to these from my lovely man...

(Not only these, but a big SLAB of moist toffee cake... He knows me so well.)

3. THIS article about a rabbit jumping competition in Germany made my day...

I'm SO taking little Lilly next year!
If she ever gets out of my sock drawer...

Bless her wonky little nose.

Anyway... I promise it won't be long until more pictures of my creating
...and hopefully a picture or three from a potential open mic performance soon! Excited!!


  1. thats cut.

    greatings send you Conny

  2. oh my life...why can't you train lilly to do tricks like that? she'd be awesome!

  3. Eeeek bunnies! I might faint from cuteness overload...I'll have to show these to my Fred ;)

  4. I just finnished reading article, it totally made my day :D

  5. Hello, I found you via hearthandmade. Nice to meet you, and I love your banner and blog.x Jo

  6. OH my gosh! rabbit jumping competition? that is the cutest thing ever! those photos are hilarious haha
    lilly is soo cute :)

  7. hahahahha those bunnies!!! too great! :)

    love, polly


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