How to make your man care about crafting...

Yes really!

So a while back I made myself this sweet little ipod case
which I still carry around with me everywhere, 
and I have to say, I love rather a lot.

Anyway, pink isn't really Samm's thing.
Gadgets however...

He has an iphone...4? I don't know. It's an iphone.
And he asked me if I could make him a sleeve for it.

So I did...
You know Angry Birds right?
I must admit, it is an addictive game... 
or at least it would be if he'd let me play for for than 2 minutes before "showing me how it's done" =)

The great thing about crafting for boys is that when I was sleepily stitching and cursing and apologising for how scruffy my whip stitch was... 
he just stared blankly and said he thought it was meant to look like that.

I actually really enjoyed making this... 
And the best part is, he took it to his friend's house last night, 
and I've been commissioned to make another!

Except that I'm still totally baffled by what "a Modern Warfare one" would look like...
I'll give anything a go!


Folksy preparations...

So I'm finally doing it... I'm opening my Folksy shop!

In fact, it's already open, but it's empty. So... time to start filling it.

Firstly, I've made a brand new shiny banner. 
In fact, it's a lot like the current one, but a little fancier, with some background detail.

Now the question is... do I use this one only for my shop 
or do you think I should put this on my blog also?

And I've been working on some fun little packaging ideas...

Little flower pots for your flower hair slides.

What do you think? 

Unfortunately, my actual flower pot is empty as I have an uncanny ability to kill flowers.
So right now it's just an ornament. 

OK I lie... it's not so much an ornament as a chocolate holder.

Also... I've ordered my first lot of business cards.
I designed them again around my Nikki Joy logo...
I can't wait to see them!
I'll share them here when they arrive.

Exciting times =)


DIY hair clip frame

I have to move house in the next few days, as my studentdom has drawn to an end.

So I'm working on ways to store things in a less student-ish way (ie - on the floor)
and also ways to use up the hundreds of frames I've accumulated, and refuse to throw away.

I've seen countless variations on accessory frames and hooks and hangers, 
and I came up with this simple little idea...

All you need is...
a frame
some ribbon
white emulsion
staples or super glue

Firstly, if you're frame is slightly hideous in any way, like mine was, coat it in emulsion.

While that's drying, remove the glass from the frame, you won't need that again.
Then emulsion the piece of card that comes inside the frame 
(if yours doesn't have one, it doesn't take long to cut a piece down to the right size)

Then cut lengths of ribbon about an inch or two longer than the width of the card, 
and fold the excess over the back, where you can either superglue it or staple it in place. 

1. If you use staples, keep them very close to the edge, as you want them to be hidden when you put the frame on
2. Don't pull the ribbon too tight as you need the wriggle room to put the slides on!

Then pop your card back in the frame, with the stand behind it if you wish to stand it up.

Et voila!


The wedding of the year...

...I must apologise for my long silence in the land of blogging. But I have a great excuse...

I was most busy at my big brother's wedding =D

It was such a beautiful day. I don't even know what my favourite part was. It was all perfect.

They asked me to sing while they signed the register and again while they took their first communion as a married couple. I barely made it through without my voice cracking with happy tears!

(I'm the tall bridesmaid... Ironically - I'm really quite short. I'm just wearing big heels)

Me and my beautiful family =)

Anyway, I won't plaster too many photos all over the internet before they've even had a chance to see them.

Although I loved every single minute of the day, I'm also excited for my own reasons... because now that their wedding is done... I'm not being totally selfish by planning MY wedding =)

I'm off for my first bridal shop trip tomorrow with my mum and I'm so excited!!

I bought myself a new diary yesterday as mine runs out soon, and it made me smile ear to ear when I realised my new one ends the day of my wedding! Eek.

I also have a MILLION handmade ideas that I'll slowly share over the coming months.

Apologies for the manic wedding fever.

Have a beautiful week x