Folksy preparations...

So I'm finally doing it... I'm opening my Folksy shop!

In fact, it's already open, but it's empty. So... time to start filling it.

Firstly, I've made a brand new shiny banner. 
In fact, it's a lot like the current one, but a little fancier, with some background detail.

Now the question is... do I use this one only for my shop 
or do you think I should put this on my blog also?

And I've been working on some fun little packaging ideas...

Little flower pots for your flower hair slides.

What do you think? 

Unfortunately, my actual flower pot is empty as I have an uncanny ability to kill flowers.
So right now it's just an ornament. 

OK I lie... it's not so much an ornament as a chocolate holder.

Also... I've ordered my first lot of business cards.
I designed them again around my Nikki Joy logo...
I can't wait to see them!
I'll share them here when they arrive.

Exciting times =)


  1. you did well with your font! it looks great!

  2. Exciting indeed! I LOVE the flower pots, what a wonderful idea!


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