How to make your man care about crafting...

Yes really!

So a while back I made myself this sweet little ipod case
which I still carry around with me everywhere, 
and I have to say, I love rather a lot.

Anyway, pink isn't really Samm's thing.
Gadgets however...

He has an iphone...4? I don't know. It's an iphone.
And he asked me if I could make him a sleeve for it.

So I did...
You know Angry Birds right?
I must admit, it is an addictive game... 
or at least it would be if he'd let me play for for than 2 minutes before "showing me how it's done" =)

The great thing about crafting for boys is that when I was sleepily stitching and cursing and apologising for how scruffy my whip stitch was... 
he just stared blankly and said he thought it was meant to look like that.

I actually really enjoyed making this... 
And the best part is, he took it to his friend's house last night, 
and I've been commissioned to make another!

Except that I'm still totally baffled by what "a Modern Warfare one" would look like...
I'll give anything a go!


  1. that is so cute! love angry birds! now that i have an ipad to play it on we are addicted!!


  2. Such a cute idea!! And nothing beats a handmade gift:)

  3. What a cute and crafty blog you have! I love these iPod cases!


  4. hahah this is awesome! nice work!!

  5. Haha! I love it :-) I've never even played Angry Birds (I know, I'm behind the times), but I love this!


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