The wedding of the year...

...I must apologise for my long silence in the land of blogging. But I have a great excuse...

I was most busy at my big brother's wedding =D

It was such a beautiful day. I don't even know what my favourite part was. It was all perfect.

They asked me to sing while they signed the register and again while they took their first communion as a married couple. I barely made it through without my voice cracking with happy tears!

(I'm the tall bridesmaid... Ironically - I'm really quite short. I'm just wearing big heels)

Me and my beautiful family =)

Anyway, I won't plaster too many photos all over the internet before they've even had a chance to see them.

Although I loved every single minute of the day, I'm also excited for my own reasons... because now that their wedding is done... I'm not being totally selfish by planning MY wedding =)

I'm off for my first bridal shop trip tomorrow with my mum and I'm so excited!!

I bought myself a new diary yesterday as mine runs out soon, and it made me smile ear to ear when I realised my new one ends the day of my wedding! Eek.

I also have a MILLION handmade ideas that I'll slowly share over the coming months.

Apologies for the manic wedding fever.

Have a beautiful week x


  1. ya i love weddings!you look so beautiful in that dress too! bridemaids dresses can be so hard but those look so great! simple and the perfect shade of red!

    comgrats to your brother and his new beautiful wife!


  2. It must have been such a lovely beautiful day. :)

    The Cat Hag


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