Today was the last day of my first ever 48 hour working week.
I'm more than a little tired.

But despite currently living in a house without my craft boxes or  my guitar or my sewing machine, I find myself perfectly content.
After a long day at work, I'm loving nothing more than putting on some beautiful music and getting my paints out.

I've been intending for a while now to do a series of paintings based on music that I love.
And I've finally got around to doing it!

I've recently fallen for the incredible music of Damien Jurado, and have been listening to him non stop.
The other night I was listening to his song "Everything Trying"...

...and this little lovely flowed right out of my paintbrush...

It's only small and simple, but I quite like it =)

I did a few others too... but might have misplaced my camera since...

What music inspires you to create?


  1. what a great concept and i love the painting! can't wait to see more of them!

  2. i LOVE this, sometime simple is best.

  3. these little paintings are just adorable!!

  4. Your kind words meant so much, thank you :) I absolutely adore your sail boat, & can totally relate to how much music influences my art! Thanks for sharing...I'm going to have to give a listen to Damien Jurado now!

    xo Joanna

  5. Love it. Thanks for directing me to your creation. Lovely song and painting. :)



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