A gift for a friend.

In about half an hour I'm off to London to visit my best friend of ten years for the weekend.

While I'm there, we're taking a trip to the National Wedding Show, 
celebrating our "10 year anniversary" 
(which isn't necessarily this weekend, but we can't remember exactly when we met...) 
and having LOTS of time to catch up in a way you don't get to do 
when you live a couple hundred miles away.

So to celebrate the occasion, we're doing a little exchanging of gifts.
As well as a couple of personal bits, I decided to make her a little something.
She's the girl who's always encouraged me to be proud of what I'm good at, and over the last ten years has inspired me to know what I want from life and to achieve it.

So I've whipped her up this little lovely

 I may post a tutorial when I get back, but for now, I have a train to catch!

Have a beautiful weekend =)


  1. have tons of fun! your friend is very lucky to have you. your bag turned out really great, a tutorial would be great! save travels!

  2. I have always wanted to go there! Hope your trip was wonderful! And what a sweet bag. Anything with polka dots is fine by me!

  3. It's lovely! I'm sure your friend will love it!

  4. your pins are glorious! I want some! :)

    love, polly

  5. So cute! I hope you had an awesome time with your friend! I'm sure she loved her sweet gift! It's so cute!


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