The best the UK wedding scene has to offer ...in my opinion.

I am returned from my London weekend.

And I am SO full of wedding fever.

There were so so many incredible exhibitors at the National Wedding Show, I didn't think it polite to keep them to myself, so here are my absolute favourites, not just for the products, but for the people too.

In no particular order...

Floral display
Images copyright Dawn Aitman

I'm not normally into chocolate and sweetie sculptures, but these guys are amazing! Firstly because the pieces are beautiful and so unique, but mostly because their story is totally inspiring. Christina created some "Sweet Trees" initially for her own daughter's wedding, because she was on a budget, and everybody loved them (understandably), so they took a big risk and a handful of months later, they're selling all over the show! (and not just the show, but in Harrods!!

Wreath centrepiece

The guy we spoke to was so great and chatty and I was TOTALLY sold on their winter collection  
for our New Years Eve wedding... especially these chocolate pine cones (also available as place name holders) Now to convince Samm that this is a necessity...

Claudette headband

With a stall full of vintage (and vintage-inspired) jewellery, garters and hair pieces, Donna Crain blew me away!

The latest range is inspired by Jane Austen, with each piece named after a woman from one of her novels.

Margaret lace cuff
I have never met such a lovely group of ladies, and after a day of being asked 1000 times "when's the big day?" and "have you got the dress?", these girls managed to get sincerely excited with me, listening to every detail of my plans so far and picking out pieces that would fit in perfectly with my look. I could easily have spent hundreds!

Blossom and Satin cake

Yes, food again! What can I say, I love sweet things.
I've never really been into traditional wedding cakes, something about 3 tiers of iced fruit cake with an everso humorous portrayal of the bride collaring the groom on top has never really done it for me, but I've become just as unexcited about cupcake towers. Cue Daisy Chain Cake Company to entice me!
Applique lace cake
I love the pure class in each and every one of these cakes.
They are quite simply pieces of art, and the best thing is, they come in various beautiful flavours including luscious lemon sponge, rich dark chocolate, and even rocky road! You can even pick the flavour of the preserve, buttercream and ganache. 

Most impressively of all though, the lady at the stall was the only person to give us a piece of cake all day! Instant favourite for that alone.

I'm sad to say that I can tell no tales of anything I spent my pennies on, 
because you never know when the Mr is snooping around.
But yes, I caved to splashing out on something beautiful, and it is just as beautiful as anything I could show you here, and I promise that after the event, I'll show my hand!


  1. Those sweet sculptures are amazing! Looking forward to seeing what you bought!

  2. haha the wedding fever, so much fun! i would love to plan weddings, ours was so much fun! i love that cake so beautiful and lacy looking. glad you had a great time sweetie and got home safe!

  3. How incredibly exciting!! Seems like forever ago for me...soak in every second of it! These are fabulous finds :)

  4. Those cakes are incredible, and I just love those gorgeous Donna Crain pieces!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Weddings and everything around them are just so exciting I want to get married all over again (to the same guy of course)...
    The word that describes my first reaction at finding out the first items are edible: flabbergasted! :)

  6. You're having a New Years Eve wedding?! That's awesome! I loved everything you picked here, especially the jewelry and the cakes-- just beautiful.

  7. Those vintage lace items look so beautiful! and i love the chocolate pine cone piece! Your wedding is going to be so magical!!! xxx

  8. all of that looks lovely! sounds like a great time!

  9. ok homegirl - first LONDON!!! I am so jealous - that must have been amazing!!!

    and i have always loved weddings and everything about them....those scultprues and choco pine cones are so freaking cool!


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