Giveaway winner and why I love November

I am so excited that November is here...

Firstly because today is the closing of the Nikki Joy giveaway...

All the names of entries went in a very literal hat 
(I'm not down with this number generating nonsense)
And the winner is...

Drop me an email and let me know where you'd like your little daisy posted to and I'll take some pennies to the post office in the morning!
Can't wait to see you wearing it.

Thank you everyone else for entering and hello to all my new followers.

Don't be too sad id you didn't win, because...

Number reason 2 I love November...
This is the month I intend to FINALLY open the Nikki Joy Folksy.
I'll be updating lots over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

Thirdly, I love November because I had my first toffee apple of the year today, and it's almost time for fireworks and pumpkin soup and fingerless gloves... love it!

November is also the month I finally go to see Switchfoot live.
Mega mega excited for that one.

And... most excitingly (in my opinion) 
It is 14 months from yesterday that I shall be a Mrs.

I have my first proper day off work in weeks tomorrow, and I have SO much planned to make ready for the new shop.

How's everybody else's weeks going?


  1. get out! yay! how exciting! i will for sure email you! and congrats on the engagement!! a year goes by so fast and in no time you will be a mrs.!!

  2. yay for the wedding approaching! and yay for november :)

  3. Yay! Congrats cb!!!

    and congrats to you, too, on your engagement :)


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