Sunday sketches

This Sunday afternoon was for lunch with my lovely fiance, 
for so many cups of earl grey tea I lost count,
and for doodling.

I kind of want to add some text to this...
It just doesn't feel... done.
But I like it =)

On a less "cutesy drawing" note...
Back in March I took a drawing class.
The woman who led it was totally nuts but it actually really helped to get me drawing again.
She told us one week to do a Self Portrait in the mirror in just 30 minutes as "homework",
and although mine was of me with my hair all messed and my thick glasses on,
I was really pleased with it.
So today I thought I'd do an updated version.
This time with all new thick glasses on!!

I like to see self portraits as an act of self discovery...
Mainly that I have such a sad face when I draw!!

Rest assured, I am in fact perfectly content... and off for another cuppa!


  1. Oooo I LOVE your sketches! That self portrait is just lovely.. makes me want to do one!

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  3. lovely, lady. I love the girl with her head in the clouds. I think I've been relating a lot to that lately. ;) <3 also thank you for the congratulations. You're a sweet pea.

  4. People always say I look mad or sad when really I'm just concentrated. That's just how my face is sometimes I guess. I like your self portrets! :)

  5. I like the first one without any text. Leaves you wondering when looking at it. You're so talented!

    ~Shayla Kay(:


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