Things that made me smile this week...

This week has been a GOOD one...
I thought I'd take a minute to share the happiness.

On Monday, my fiancĂ© Samm and I went to see the wedding reception venue we were to fall in love with.
It's beautiful and surrounded by fields and lakes and flowers! 
(...we don't have flowers in Hull)
It just happened to be the first real Spring day and we walked around the area hand in hand in the sunshine, and he picked these for me...

This free-to-download e-book  by Michael Nobbs on getting into drawing as a habit. 
This made me laugh... It's so up my street. 
No theory, no nonsense, lots of love for tea.

Last night, after a long day of work, I sat cross legged on the kitchen floor with my housemate (and almost sister-in-law) Liz and made three big trays of these cakes... just for the two of us... just because.
Do ignore the burned bit... it gives them character.

Checking my facebook, emails and everything else to find that my gorgeous friends have sent me countless links to wedding- related sites. Then reading through them all with a big mug of cherry tea.

Fi Figueroa @ Previously Owned asking me if my little brooches are for sale. 
It was lovely to know that somebody wanted them to be =)
(and for the record - they will be... soon.)

6.This cover by Boyce Avenue and Kina Grannis...

Getting tickets to go see THE SUBWAYS in June!!
I am TOO excited.
It will be the perfect celebration of the end of my degree.

Good times.


Tea and Cake?

Possibly my two favourite indulgences ever...
Now available in brooch form!

A simple little cupcake.
Next I believe I shall make a double chocolate one, or one with sprinkles mmm...

And what's a cupcake without a cup of tea?
This little fella' is tiny!! I made this from a crazy old teacup button and a teensy bit of felt.

See... tiny!

Cuppa tea anyone?


Springtime Hairslides

I woke up in the mood to make today.

And for the first time in months, the sunshine is out!
It's SO close to picnic and BBQ season I can feel it.

And it's a full moon tonight... just a little fact for you.

Anyway! Here's my morning's making...

A rolled felt rose with leaves

...and a couple of lazier makes...
Butterfly brad hair slide
The bottom one is made from one of my grandma's old buttons 

Perfect for Spring, no?


Self Portrait

Recently I've been going along to a local drawing class.

It's led by a slightly... we'll call her "kooky", woman who insists there's "no such thing as a bad drawing" and that "as long as you record what you see, it doesn't matter what it looks like"

I must say I don't agree, but it's been fun.

Along with countless works of art involving towers of marshmallows and cardboard boxes, we were asked to produce a 30-minute self portrait... without using any rules of perspective etc, so no drawing lines of where the nose is "meant" to go in relation to the eyes, just draw what you ACTUALLY see.

And this is what I ended up with...

Now I'd like to clarify that I do smile, and I've finally had a hair cut!!
But this is my concentrating-hard-on-drawing-as-much-as-possible-in-30-minutes-face-in-a-mirror-uncut-hair-and-thick-rimmed-glasses self.


Magic in the Grass

Today a VERY exciting parcel arrived...

I didn't even get out of my pyjamas until it was here because I was so scared of missing the delivery.

For years I've wanted a signet ring with the word "joy" on it, but I have NEVER been able to find one.
Until I found Folksy! Where of course, you can find anything!

And I discovered a cute little shop called Magic in the Grass...

I LOVE the packaging... I literally had to hunt for the tiny ring hidden in the grass.

I love it SO much... It's so simple and discrete but means so much to me.

I highly recommend you go check out the shop  =)
You can get pretty much anything written on anything... and it's all beautiful!