T'was the night before Christmas...

The cards are all sent

The decorations are made

Presents are wrapped

The tree is ready

Time for my favourite breakfast,

before a day with the parents,
having Christmas Eve dinner at the hotel that this time next year will be my wedding reception,
a visit to my brother and sister-in-law for cheese and wine,
and a midnight service at Church.

It's the most wonderful time of year


What the mailman brought...

I love getting home from work to see there's post for me.
I've never grown out of being excited to open my mail...
Especially when I know something good is coming!

So when I saw a little parcel on my doormat with my name on from My Fabric House, I pretty much ran up the stairs so that I could open it and spread the contents everywhere!

Here's what I got...

I ordered a "Flower Power" fabric pack... consisting of 10 squares of fabric measuring 25 x 25cm. 
Perfect for the kind of mini-projects I love.

Some of the patterns are so gorgeous I don't even want to cut into them to make anything,
I'm tempted to just frame them all in hoops as they are...

The blue piece above I ordered separately as a larger piece because I thought it was just so pretty.

There's so much else on the site too that I love!
Check out the bunting ribbon... and the beautiful lace.

But as I can hear my mother saying as she reads this...
Be happy with what you've got!

Now to decide what to do with all this lovely fabric...

Any ideas?