2012 NYR: #1 - Buy a piece of art that I love

In December, as I do every year, 
I set myself some New Year's Resolutions, 
and I thought it would be fun to share one each month.

For January, I decided that my one plain bedroom wall need a bit of sprucing up.
Although there's plenty of cheap and pretty nice canvas prints in lots of high street places, 
I like the idea of buying a piece directly from the artist to show that I believe in the arts.

Problem is... There are too many beautiful pieces out there, and I sadly can't afford to buy them all.

Here's a few of my current favourites...

What do you think?
I would love to have them all, 
I think they're all completely charming in their own way.
I'm totally crazy for Emma Leonard's style in particular, she has lots of other prints I also loved.
I pine for the day I have my own house to fill with beautiful things!


  1. wow. the girl with the blue hair is my favorite. Buy that one! I want to! <3

    love, polly
    the littlest polly
    Paulie Antiques

  2. I agree, the Emma Leonard one is fab, but I also like the girl drawing a heart. All great picks! x

  3. My favorite is Girl Reading by Emma Leonard. I've admired that picture for a while now. =]


  4. I love the Emma ones!! So much! Especially "Tender to the Blues"

    I really need to buy an original piece of art... not sure why I haven't before.

  5. These are all adorable! It makes me want to draw and paint :D

  6. Love them all!
    All beautiful pieces...
    And this can be a problem, yes!

  7. I love the "Girl Reading" it's so nice. the colors are very sweet.

  8. I just finished buying a print for myself as well. I've wanted to get something for a while but it's such a challenge to decide and then shell out the cash for. I completely understand the price of prints but it doesn't mean that my frugal brain is on the same page as me.

    I'm really happy with what I bought but now I'm kind of wishing that I had seen Emma Leonards work first - amazing!!

  9. That storytelling piece is just good. I would love to have that in my room.

    Canvas Prints


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