Wedding Wednesdays 2 - Our Save the Dates

Having spent the last couple of weeks being inspired by all sorts of different designs from around the web, falling in love with the huge selection of free fonts available out there, and scrapbooking away with my (embarrassingly large) collection of wedding magazines,

I spent my day off last week in my favourite corner with my favourite cup of tea seeing what I could come up with...

I like the idea of simple designs for Save the Dates.
Somebody gave me some great advice that you want to give people only the information you want them to remember, in the hope that they at least remember that.
There's some beautiful images out there, and a few meaningful photos from my own collections that I was tempted to use, but I decided to stick with simplicity.

 I like the lace effect border on this one,
although decided in the end I didn't want something so black and white,
but it looked wrong with the lace in our colours.

A classic wedding-esque swirly look...
Pretty, but led me to conclude it could be anybody's.
Surely the point of designing your own stationery is to put yourself into it, 
so something a little more "that could only be Samm and Nikki's" was needed...

This is Campbell tartan ribbon... as in the tartan of Samm's kilt, which he'll be wearing on the day. 
We decided fairly early on that we wanted to base the colours around his family tartan, 
so it struck me that Save the Dates are a good moment to start injecting a bit of the theme, giving people an idea of what's coming
(and if they're anything like me, picking their outfits accordingly!)

I love these much more. 
Still simple and clear, but so much more us!

What do you think?

I've just started jotting down some ideas for decorations for the reception venue too...

This wedding planning thing is too exciting!!


  1. Oooh they are fab, they are all great but I love the first tartan one!


  2. How exciting, I love the first tartan one too! I love setting the scene with the invite too. Have fun x

  3. i love the last two because they seem really fitting to you guys. i agree the save the dates should only be the info that they need, short and simple. if you have a website also include that so that they can have a place to look at the big picture, where, when, hotels if they are not from the area. people are planners by nature so any extra helpful tool is great.


  4. Love that 2nd save the date. I'm having fun making my bestie's bachelorette party invite with a Holly Golightly theme right now.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving a lovely comment :-)

    ~ Clare x

  5. I like the second to last one, but with 'formal invitation to follow' :) they're all gorgeous, though :)

  6. Oh I LOVE weddings! I have an embarrassingly large amount of magazines under my bed. I like the second to last one. Congrats :)


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