Saturdays are for Fabric Shopping.

A few weeks back, my lovely housemate presented me with a leaflet for a fabric warehouse clearance sale day, boasting hundreds of rolls of fabric. 
Naturally, I said yes before she'd even got to the end of "Do you want to go?"

So this morning, after my driving lesson, we jumped in her trusty little car Norah and drove to a giant warehouse with a man selling hot chocolates from the back of his car parked outside, and crazed looking women flocking everywhere clutching rolls of florals and stripes and voils.

If you wish you'd had that kind of a Saturday morning and didn't, 
allow me to treat you to the experience...
Grab a hot chocolate, pull on your bobble hat and take a look at the beauties I picked up...

This lovely cream floral fabric is to be a book bag for my house mate Sarah, who loves fabric but just doesn't have the sewing bug.
...I may have bought enough to also make an extra few pieces too.

I couldn't resist picking up a couple of metres of this... 
although it's plain, it has some great potential to go towards decorating our 
hunter green and ivory coloured wedding reception!

I have visions of this being a colour splash handbag to go a plain top and denim shorts.
I loved the rich tones in the pattern, it just looked so warm. 

And... my personal favourite... 

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I adore this fabric!! 
My mind already wants this as skirts, dresses, bags, cushions, book sleeves... I could pretty much reupholster my life with this pattern! 
How gorgeous are the colours? And the pattern... just yes!
I fought off several of those "Oooh that's lovely isn't it??" bargain hunting ladies,
and when I got to the woman cutting fabric at the stall out front, I genuinely heard several tuts and irritated sighs when I asked how much for the whole roll and soon exclaimed "Done!"

Now... with my Folksy store newly opened, 
and yet currently home to only a few smaller items...
What do you imagine these fabrics turning into? 
If I could make something from one of these fabrics that you just had to have, what would it be?

And what's everyone else been doing this weekend?


The Nikki Joy Shop - Open for Business

It is with a big smile (and some underlying nervousness) that I share with you that I have got around to listing my first items in the Nikki Joy Folksy shop.

You may have noticed a new little link on the tabs at the top of the screen... if not, now you have.

I've listed just a select few of the things I've been working on over the last few months.
It's something I've been meaning to do for quite some time now and it feels good to have taken the step.

As a little incentive, anything purchased before 9th May will come with a little extra something from me to say thank you for supporting me.

I hope you can spare a second to go and take a peek
and if you're feeling the love, please take a moment to favourite my shop.
I'm more than happy to ship internationally too, so wherever you're from, 
you can have a little bit of Nikki Joy.

Here's a sneaky peak at a collection I've been working on that should be available not so long from now...

Does anybody else have a little online store front?
I'm always up for a nosey!


Home is where the heart is.

About two weeks ago, the East Riding of Yorkshire, where I live, 
was announced officially "in drought"...
Since which day, it hasn't stopped raining!

I must be honest... I preferred drought. 

Hull is pretty much the rainiest place on earth (in my incredibly limited experience of earth) 
but it's been a home to me for the last almost four years now, 
and despite spending my entire 20 minute walk to work yesterday cursing my umbrella for not being strong enough for the crazy weather here, I've grown to like it.

A little piece I've been working on.

In these months leading up to getting married, I've been thinking a lot about where home is and where home will be, and I can't help come back to the favourite old cliche that home is where the heart is.

My parents have moved since I left for University, so I've never lived where they live now, yet I still find myself calling a visit to my parents "going home", because ultimately, my parents will always be my home.

My best friend recently moved down to London,
where I've only been a handful of times in my life,
and yet I find myself yearning to go and see her in a way that only feels like home-sickness.

When I left for Hull, it was a pretty big culture shock...
It's not rare for me to see a man walking his dog while sipping a bottle of vodka, 
and I remember being fairly taken aback by the local crazy we had near my last house in Hull who would stand on our street in his boxers wielding a hammer!

Yet something here is home. 

Home is where my fiance and I live just a few minutes apart.
Home is where we intend to take our vows and live together for the first time.
Home is where I can work as a counsellor supporting women who have been hurt. 
Home is where my church is.
Home is close enough to my brother and sister-in-law to go for Sunday lunch once in a while.
Home is where the heart is.


Wedding Wednesdays 4 - Let there be Light

My favourite part of wedding planning so far is deciding the little details that make a wedding your wedding, as opposed to just another wedding.

The wonder of personal touches of course is that even if the ideas are not entirely original, you can be inspired by somebody else's beautiful ideas to best display your personality on your own big day.

Now don't get me wrong, there are certain aspects I'm not mad on displaying. For example, when I showed Samm a Super Mario wedding cake, what I meant to say was "wouldn't this be cool for somebody else's wedding!"

However, to my surprise (maybe it shouldn't be... men love fire), the one wedding detail plan that I've managed to really get the boy's interest peaked over is lighting! As we're having a winter wedding, lighting has the potential to be a really great feature on the day, so we want to use it the best we can.

This image of lacy candle jars by Tori Spelling is all over the internet, 
and every time I see it, I fall in love with it.
I finally tracked down the original post the image is from, and to my delight, it's part of a tutorial.
I love the sweet extra details - the buttons, the string - so much space for personal touches.

I really love the idea of featuring sparklers at some point during the day.
Either in place of confetti as we leave the church, or at midnight to celebrate the New Year, or as a send off when we leave. They're just too sweet to not have!
And I've discovered...

Heart shaped sparklers!! Oh yes.
These are available at all about party bags.

Who didn't love this engagement shoot of Elsie and Jeremy  by Arrow and Apple?
As much as I know Samm would scowl at me for wrapping him up in fairy lights,
I'm sure we can find a way of incorporating them somewhere.
I'm toying with ideas around bunting made straight onto strings of lights...

This is the one that got Samm all excited, being the little book worm that he is.
This example is by monjardindepapier Etsy store.
It's got my brain buzzing with ideas for jars wrapped in pages from all of our favourite books.

So many ideas!
I hope I have time to try even half of what I'd like to...


Tender to the Blues

I've had one of those weeks since Easter where you're sort of constantly catching back up with yourself.
I haven't been quite sure what day of the week it is for a fair few days now...
Which was lovely this morning when it turned out to be Saturday!

Over my little Easter break though, I managed to get a weekend away at my parents' house,
where I recently had a very special something delivered...

You may remember a while ago, 
I found it a near impossible decision between my final favourites, but decided this piece -
had something about it that I needed on my wall.

But the sweetest thing of all...

As well as the piece that I ordered, she also included a 6 x 4 of one of her other pieces that I loved!

I was genuinely so touched by her kind gesture.
Both pieces are so beautiful and I cannot wait to buy some frames and hang them somewhere.
I'm torn between putting them in my "special enough to save for the marital home" box, 
or getting them put up as soon as possible!


A crafty gift in the mail...

I recently took part in Wild Olive's Stitch Swap - my first ever craft swap, 
and I was so excited to be a part of something so wide and varied as a stitch swap for which the only rule was that you create something within a 4" embroidery hoop.

Yesterday I got home from work to see a big old overseas mail package on my doormat,
all the way from Pennsylvania.

I am so impressed by this handsome chap! 
And I completely love that Corley broke the one rule and did me a 5" hoop,
because after all, isn't art all about breaking the rules?

She even wrote me this sweet little note and included a little gift of a pair of earrings
(which I'm unsure if they're handmade too, but either way, so nice of her!)

Sadly she didn't leave me a link to her blog if she has one, 
but if you end up reading this Corley...
Thank you!