Home is where the heart is.

About two weeks ago, the East Riding of Yorkshire, where I live, 
was announced officially "in drought"...
Since which day, it hasn't stopped raining!

I must be honest... I preferred drought. 

Hull is pretty much the rainiest place on earth (in my incredibly limited experience of earth) 
but it's been a home to me for the last almost four years now, 
and despite spending my entire 20 minute walk to work yesterday cursing my umbrella for not being strong enough for the crazy weather here, I've grown to like it.

A little piece I've been working on.

In these months leading up to getting married, I've been thinking a lot about where home is and where home will be, and I can't help come back to the favourite old cliche that home is where the heart is.

My parents have moved since I left for University, so I've never lived where they live now, yet I still find myself calling a visit to my parents "going home", because ultimately, my parents will always be my home.

My best friend recently moved down to London,
where I've only been a handful of times in my life,
and yet I find myself yearning to go and see her in a way that only feels like home-sickness.

When I left for Hull, it was a pretty big culture shock...
It's not rare for me to see a man walking his dog while sipping a bottle of vodka, 
and I remember being fairly taken aback by the local crazy we had near my last house in Hull who would stand on our street in his boxers wielding a hammer!

Yet something here is home. 

Home is where my fiance and I live just a few minutes apart.
Home is where we intend to take our vows and live together for the first time.
Home is where I can work as a counsellor supporting women who have been hurt. 
Home is where my church is.
Home is close enough to my brother and sister-in-law to go for Sunday lunch once in a while.
Home is where the heart is.


  1. There really is something different about Hull isn't there. So many times have I been on a bus from that city in which it got pelted with stones!

    I think home is where you feel most comfy, for me it's no longer with my parents but with my husband and I think to a point its something you have to work at. I also don't think it physically has to be a place as such, it can just be a location with the people you belong the most even if the house/apartment you're living in isn't your dream place.

    I have no idea if any of that made sense!

  2. I love yout story:) beautifully written ! And you right , home is where your heart is:)
    Xo Tami

  3. Nikki, beautiful post! home is all of those things because I even find when we are away on vacation and renting a beach house we'll say, 'let's go home' which merely means back to the beach house...but we, my husband, son and I and the dog are all together! so home is where your loved ones are...

  4. Thanks for popping over to visit me! Congrats on your upcoming wedding and you are right that home is where the heart is...which isn't necessarily a place of brick and mortar but rather any place where there is a sense of family, love and comfort.

  5. This was such a sweet post. I couldn't agree more - cliche or not it is the truth. Your project is turning out beautifully :]


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