Saturdays are for Fabric Shopping.

A few weeks back, my lovely housemate presented me with a leaflet for a fabric warehouse clearance sale day, boasting hundreds of rolls of fabric. 
Naturally, I said yes before she'd even got to the end of "Do you want to go?"

So this morning, after my driving lesson, we jumped in her trusty little car Norah and drove to a giant warehouse with a man selling hot chocolates from the back of his car parked outside, and crazed looking women flocking everywhere clutching rolls of florals and stripes and voils.

If you wish you'd had that kind of a Saturday morning and didn't, 
allow me to treat you to the experience...
Grab a hot chocolate, pull on your bobble hat and take a look at the beauties I picked up...

This lovely cream floral fabric is to be a book bag for my house mate Sarah, who loves fabric but just doesn't have the sewing bug.
...I may have bought enough to also make an extra few pieces too.

I couldn't resist picking up a couple of metres of this... 
although it's plain, it has some great potential to go towards decorating our 
hunter green and ivory coloured wedding reception!

I have visions of this being a colour splash handbag to go a plain top and denim shorts.
I loved the rich tones in the pattern, it just looked so warm. 

And... my personal favourite... 

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I adore this fabric!! 
My mind already wants this as skirts, dresses, bags, cushions, book sleeves... I could pretty much reupholster my life with this pattern! 
How gorgeous are the colours? And the pattern... just yes!
I fought off several of those "Oooh that's lovely isn't it??" bargain hunting ladies,
and when I got to the woman cutting fabric at the stall out front, I genuinely heard several tuts and irritated sighs when I asked how much for the whole roll and soon exclaimed "Done!"

Now... with my Folksy store newly opened, 
and yet currently home to only a few smaller items...
What do you imagine these fabrics turning into? 
If I could make something from one of these fabrics that you just had to have, what would it be?

And what's everyone else been doing this weekend?


  1. I love the last one too! Always a sucker for floral fabric!

  2. Mum says
    if you copy the design from the last but one fabric onto felt it would make a great 3d brooch?

  3. I so love that last fabric! Oh gosh... maybe a wallet or clutch of some sort?

  4. I agree with you about the third fabric being an excellent option for a handbag! Or the last fabric as a hair bow even?

    Great finds, sounds like it was a very fun sale :D


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