Tender to the Blues

I've had one of those weeks since Easter where you're sort of constantly catching back up with yourself.
I haven't been quite sure what day of the week it is for a fair few days now...
Which was lovely this morning when it turned out to be Saturday!

Over my little Easter break though, I managed to get a weekend away at my parents' house,
where I recently had a very special something delivered...

You may remember a while ago, 
I found it a near impossible decision between my final favourites, but decided this piece -
had something about it that I needed on my wall.

But the sweetest thing of all...

As well as the piece that I ordered, she also included a 6 x 4 of one of her other pieces that I loved!

I was genuinely so touched by her kind gesture.
Both pieces are so beautiful and I cannot wait to buy some frames and hang them somewhere.
I'm torn between putting them in my "special enough to save for the marital home" box, 
or getting them put up as soon as possible!


  1. Beautiful artwork - you should definitely hang them up now - they will give you a lot of pleasure.

  2. i love that piece you bought and i love when sellers include a little something extra too! makes you want to go back and buy more! do you have a frame yet for the piece?

    oh and i am so excited you are going to get a bike! YAY!!!! let me know if you need any advice!

  3. wow both of those prints are so nice, and that's so generous of the artist to send you a bonus one x


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