Wedding Wednesdays 4 - Let there be Light

My favourite part of wedding planning so far is deciding the little details that make a wedding your wedding, as opposed to just another wedding.

The wonder of personal touches of course is that even if the ideas are not entirely original, you can be inspired by somebody else's beautiful ideas to best display your personality on your own big day.

Now don't get me wrong, there are certain aspects I'm not mad on displaying. For example, when I showed Samm a Super Mario wedding cake, what I meant to say was "wouldn't this be cool for somebody else's wedding!"

However, to my surprise (maybe it shouldn't be... men love fire), the one wedding detail plan that I've managed to really get the boy's interest peaked over is lighting! As we're having a winter wedding, lighting has the potential to be a really great feature on the day, so we want to use it the best we can.

This image of lacy candle jars by Tori Spelling is all over the internet, 
and every time I see it, I fall in love with it.
I finally tracked down the original post the image is from, and to my delight, it's part of a tutorial.
I love the sweet extra details - the buttons, the string - so much space for personal touches.

I really love the idea of featuring sparklers at some point during the day.
Either in place of confetti as we leave the church, or at midnight to celebrate the New Year, or as a send off when we leave. They're just too sweet to not have!
And I've discovered...

Heart shaped sparklers!! Oh yes.
These are available at all about party bags.

Who didn't love this engagement shoot of Elsie and Jeremy  by Arrow and Apple?
As much as I know Samm would scowl at me for wrapping him up in fairy lights,
I'm sure we can find a way of incorporating them somewhere.
I'm toying with ideas around bunting made straight onto strings of lights...

This is the one that got Samm all excited, being the little book worm that he is.
This example is by monjardindepapier Etsy store.
It's got my brain buzzing with ideas for jars wrapped in pages from all of our favourite books.

So many ideas!
I hope I have time to try even half of what I'd like to...


  1. I love the idea of warm candlelight during a cozy winter wedding! I can't wait to see what lighting you use for your wedding :-)

  2. my favorite part of our wedding was the billions of christmas lights we had up everywhere! it made it look like tiny little fairies were everywhere...yes, i believe in fairies still :) i LOVE the mason jar idea with the lace on them, that is a really awesome idea!

  3. I wrapped mason jars in lace for a baby shower and my husband said they looked like hookers ;) It was ruffled lace and they looked like they were wearing little skirts.

    I love everything mason jars, but if you want to hit a two for one deal and like skinny tall pillars...the dollar store has those mexican candles with jesus on it for a $1 each...white with no jesus! You could wrap those in anything.

  4. I love the jars, they would be gorgeous on tables! My sister had a rather elaborate Christmas wedding in 2009, between the tiers of the cake were handmade clear baubles that had fairy lights in them so the whole cake lit up, crazy but rather cool!

  5. nikki-thank you for visiting my blog and thinking my brooches are fun! i used to have them in an etsy but my "real, live" boutique keeps me too busy.
    also i love that photo shoot you linked to above..the one of elsie and her fiance now hubs. do you read her blog?

  6. Loving the love shaped sparklers, am imagining how awesome it would look all lit up!


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