My 2012 sketch book / art journalling so far...

At the start of this year, as well as lots of other New Year's Resolutions, 
I decided I wanted to keep some kind of journal. 

You can see the start of my book here,
and another page or two here and here.

I'm happy to say I've really stuck with it.
I've not really done the classic "daily art journal" thing, 
and neither is it a collection of my very best drawing and paintings,
but rather, a spilling of my thoughts and ideas into an incredibly plain looking 99p sketchbook.
...which I really should make an effort to cover nicely!

So... I thought I'd share some more of my pages so far.
This is by no means everything, because let's be honest,
some things are nice to keep in the pages of a book.

"Be Inspired"

"Sincerity - 
Above all, be true to yourself, 
and if you cannot put your heart in it, 
take yourself out of it"

"Il pleut"
(It does this a lot around here)

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate, only light can do that"
- Martin Luther King

Left: Some pattern experimentings 

Right: "You Can Go Your Own Way" - Fleetwood Mac lyrics

Left: A self portrait.

Right: Helplessness (it had been a long week)

Left: Part of a favourite painting by Gustav Klimt

Right: Things I'd like to do in the not-too-distant future...
1. Go to an art gallery
2. Watch a sunrise.
3. Start a recipe book.
4. Own (and successfully take care of) a plant.
5. Have a picnic with Samm.
6. Learn a new skill
- maybe crochet or how to play my ukulele.
7. Spend a day in a library.
8. Cook a full Sunday roast.
9. Write an article.
10. Write a dress I made for myself.

Miscellaneous doodlings

"Sometimes you're supposed to feel awkward.
Sometimes you're supposed to be vulnerable in front of people.
Sometimes it's necessary because it's all part of you getting to the next part of yourself"
From "The Book of Tomorrow" by Cecelia Ahern

I've also been working on some more "neat" art pieces that I want to share soon.

It's nice though to show the scruffy, the imperfect and the usually hidden.


  1. I LOVE sketch books!!! I had to keep one for a class in college and I miss it...might need to start doing it again for myself! You have such a talent and the "Be Inspired" is so colorful and fun! Love that Sometimes quote at the end too...such inspiring words! :)

  2. way to go lady! that is awesome that you have stuck with it! yay! i love the fleetwood mac inspired page. i love them <3

  3. i love the "be inspired" that is exactly what your blog is :) xxo em

  4. These are great! I've been meaning to start an art journal myself... it'd have lots of rain doodles as well. :)

  5. I have a small sketchbook which looks similar to this :) I end up spending 90% of my time doing college work!

    Jessie @ coppergarden.blogspot.com

  6. I really like the "be inspired" page. Your list of things to do sounds awesome. I hope you get to accomplish each one soon!

    ps. LOVE Fleetwood Mac :)


  7. You have some beautiful pieces. It reminds me that I need to start journaling art again. I miss it very much!

  8. really inspiring sketchbook! I love sketchbooks! you can never have too many!


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