My day off in photos

One of the beautiful things about working in lots of different places,
is that although I work crazy hours,
I get every other Wednesday off work.

Now at the moment, these Wednesdays tend to be when I do my wedding planning, 
but seeing as my Bridesmaids are visiting this weekend,
I thought I'd use today to have some me time...

Best breakfast ever... Doughnut and Earl Grey tea
Krispy Kreme just opened in Hull yesterday, just a 5 minute walk from my office.
So a couple of workmates and I naturally treated ourselves to a box of 12 for lunch between 3 of us.
I made the smart-doughnut-lover decision and saved this beauty for breakfast.
(Good job my wedding dress is currently a little on the large size... we'll see to that!)

An hour spent in the garden watching my little rabbit lady run around.
(Yes, we do have an armchair in our garden... best not to ask)

This may have been my actual favourite moment of the day.
Our garden is a grubby patio and a big overgrown lawn full of dandelions.
There's not much going on out there...
But the people who lived here before us were really keen gardeners, and obviously a teeny seed found its way down the cracks in the patio and grown into this lovely but lonely lower.

Some precious quiet time catching up on all my favourite magazines.

And my absolute favourite Wednesday job... painting my nails.

What do you do on your day off?
Is it just me who needs to enjoy their own company once in a while?

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  1. you have a bunny!!!!!!! oh my goodness i just dyed! she is precious! i tried to convince tom we needed a bunny but he won't budge! i grew up always having bunnies and i miss them so much!


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