Wedding Wednesdays 5 - Hair piece / Headband Inspiration

The dress is bought, the Save the Dates are in the post, Bridesmaids shopping trip is booked.
Time to kick back and peruse Folksy and Etsy and all my favourite wedding blogs, 
furiously pinning away at everything I dream of having for the big day. 
How did people plan weddings before Pinterest??

This week I've been eyeing up beautiful hairpieces handmade by some incredible designers...

I love the soft gold tones in this, 
and with hair worn like this, the off-centre focus is just beautiful.

My favourite "if I decide to go for something a little quirky" option.
I love that it looks kooky yet still so elegant.

I adore this style of wide headband. 
The antique tones in this would just be perfect with everything else I have planned.

Just so dreamy. 
This, in my opinion, is a proper fairytale bridal crown.

I love the green foliage to tie in with our colour scheme.
Something this naturally beautiful and effortless looking is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for.

(who I must say, I have a total soft spot for after meeting her last year at the National Wedding Fayre)
The attention to detail in all her pieces is just astonishing, 
and I love the sweet beaded leaves on this.

A bit more for a Springtime wedding maybe... 
but I just love everything by Garden of Whimsy.
Also, is it just me who wants to run to town for some auburn hair dye 
seeing beautiful photos like this?

Too many beautiful choices!
Which one is your favourite?


  1. My wedding was before the good days of Pinterest & I just wish it had existed back then! Lovely choices here- my fav is the Eleanor :-)

  2. Oooh these are gorgeous! The first one is my favourite!

  3. Oh gosh i have no idea which one, i love them all! I think no matter what you will look amazing! I just love the headband idea!


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