Wedding Wednesdays 6 - Bridesmaids dresses

This weekend, three of my dearest friends came to visit me so that we could go Bridesmaid dress shopping together.

Now I have a very set idea in my head of what I thought I wanted... 
Samm's tartan is a lovely rich hunter green colour, 
so it was obvious that hunter green should be the colour of the dresses.
And it's going to be winter... therefore freezing, so the sensible choice is clearly to opt for floor length!

Monsoon - sold out
Turns out though that planning a wedding has not stopped me from shunning the obvious and the sensible in favour of something that stole my heart.

Once they'd all tried on some "the kind of thing I thought I wanted" dresses, 
and all looked totally unlike themselves and not incredibly comfortable,
I decided that we should instead be looking for something we all liked, rather than something that would make them a perfect part of the backdrop.
After all, your bridesmaids are your friends, not your wallpaper.

So the dress to the left is what my lovely ladies will be wearing on the big day.
Funnily, it's been on my Pinterest for a while now on my "clothes shopping list" board... and it hadn't even dawned on me what a great bridesmaid dress it would make until I saw it with them.

I'm thinking gorgeous cream faux fur shrugs, sweet thick tights and classic court shoes.

I'm so excited to have found them!
And on our first trip.
Sometimes I think I'm pretty great at this getting married business.

For those who are maybe a little disappointed at that "sold out" just below the image, or those who just love to look at pretty dresses... here's some others that really caught my eye.

Both Modcloth


  1. The dress is lovely! I'm sure that with tights and shawls they'll all be warm enough :)

  2. These dresses are all gorgeous! Love the one you chose, and I can only imagine that your bridesmaids feel lucky to get to wear such a beautiful dress on your big day!

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