Moments from a long weekend...

To celebrate Samm finishing University, 
me and my excitable new-bicycle brain finally put my dream picnic plan together. 
(That's something to tick off my "Things to do soon" list)
So Wednesday was spent soaking up the last of the British sunshine, eating strawberries and drinking french limonade.
Thanks to everyone for their cycling tips from my last post!
I've been taking myself out on some little rides and am even more convinced she's a beautiful way to have spent my money.

Since then, the skies have opened and it's rained for the last week.
Being the long bank holiday though, I've been lucky enough to be able to hang around the house and relax and listen to the rain.

This is a little idea I've been playing with lately...
Borne from a late night scribble on a scrap of paper and obviously in its early stages of creative process,
but I just love a good bit of wordplay.
Fleetwood Mac inspiration can never be a bad thing, right?

Also... has anybody read this book??
I have got so little done the last few days purely because I'm actually in love with it!

I'm actually a little scared to finish it because I think I'll miss the characters too much.

I'm not the only one that geeky am I?

Hope everyone else is enjoying the Jubilee weekend.
I feel I should go and find something classically British to do.
...I'll pop the kettle on.


  1. A picnic is on our summer to do list, hopefully we have not missed the only week of warm weather:)

    Will be looking for that book the next time I am in the library!


  2. bike picnics are the best! i love them so much. glad you finally got to go!

    i am a huge fan of fleetwood mac so that embroidery is so cute!

  3. Stopping by to reply to your wonderfully sweet comment at Broomsticks and Lace and just fell in love with your blog! Was especially captivated by your lovely lion and your friend who got it tattooed on her! So adorable! Had to follow, you're lovely :)


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