Wedding Wednesdays 7 - Lace Details (with DIY garland idea)

Since my groom-to-be is a Scotsman and will be spending our big day in his kilt, 
we decided early on that our English-Scottish wedding should be detailed with very English lace and white roses and very Scottish tartan and thistles.

I designed our Save the Dates using Campbell tartan as the main focus, 
so now that it's time to think about the Invitations,
I wanted to use a similar style to keep everything complementary but using lace in place of tartan.

I thought the above was just perfect for use on invitations... 
and if there's any left over, I can think of lots of other uses for it, from favour packaging to the seating plan.

As I've mentioned before, we want to make a really good use of lighting as it will be winter.
I think this simple lace-wrapped candle holder is lovely.

Although peep toes and slingbacks are both terrible ideas for a wedding at which there is likely to be a great deal of snow... I can't help but love these.

All of Alex Bridal's shrugs and boleros are absolutely beautiful,
there's not one that I don't love.

This basket of favours just makes me so happy to look at!
Isn't it beautiful?

So... I was out and about yesterday, hunting through shelves of ribbons and buttons and craft books, when I stumbled across some paper doilies. 
Not just normal paper doilies either, but sweet heart-shaped ones. 

And because I'm nice enough to share, 
here's everything you need for a super simple doily lace garland...

1. You'll need a pack of these, or something similar.
These were from the Range, at an amazing price of £1.50 for a set of 30...
Naturally I needed to buy at least a couple of packs... you know, just in case!

2. White thread. Needle. Easy.

3. I spent a little white with a needle poking out the holes that hadn't quite got poked out by the doily making machine, so that they were all even and beautiful.

4. String them up, either running a single length of thread through each side of each heart, or simply create a super tiny stitch between each one.

It's that easy!!

And I think it looks mega cute, no?


  1. Ooh need to get to The Range asap! Those doilies are just the prettiest.

    I love the basket of favours too - think I may pinch that idea for my daughter's next party :)

    Your Wedding is going to be stunning, love the theme. xx

  2. I have been wanting that lace tape for ages but never actually bought it, it looks fab!

    Love the doily garland!


  3. LOVE the lace tape! & the doily garland + lots of candlelight = perfection :-)


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