Nikki Joy eco-bags

Hello, my name is Nikki... 
and I'm a green-clubcard-point-aholic. 
Tell me I'm not alone!
I just love that feeling when Tesco says to you 
"Thanks for saving the planet by reusing your bags... Here's a point!"

The first step is recognising you have a problem... 
the second is embracing it and making it more beautiful.

Over the next month, I'll be creating and sharing my new range of reusable, fold-up-all-small-able beautiful eco bags, which will all be available for just £5 from my Nikki Joy Shop.

Perfect for the shops or the library or popping in your bicycle basket!

I hope you're having a lovely sunshiney week, whatever you're up to.


  1. i love that bag! So beautiful! :)

    love, polly

  2. Very pretty bag, much better than the plain ones from the grocery store. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. What a fun lovely bag! I almost always use the same bag; I have a bright red one with other pops of colours I bought in the North of Chile.




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