Sunday Sentiments

So we're half way through the last bank holiday weekend of the year.

Something about having one extra day on my weekend has just made me enjoy it so much more.

It's been a weekend of takeaway and wine with friends,
wedding planning, reading books and doodling.

Here's a teeny glimpse of my journal today.

How's everybody else using their long weekend?
I think my bank holiday Monday is going to be spent making my chocolate fudge brownies.
Brownies cause good thoughts... Good thoughts make you look lovely, right Roald?


Wedding Wednesdays - DIY Rose Corsage Tutorial

With about 4 and a half months left until the big day,
all the "big jobs" are done.

I have ticked off - with a grin on my face - the dress, the venue, the rings, the transport...
So now we're onto the details phase!
And oh my, I love details!!

I decided fairly early on that, being a winter wedding, 
I want my loved ones to be comfortable and warm as much as I want them looking their best.
So instead of carrying bouquets, I'm choosing to have my Bridesmaids in fur muffs.
Not wanting them to go without flowers all together though, 
I decided to go for handmade classic rose corsages.

And they are just so simple to make!

You'll need to get your hands on some of these...
These type of bands are available at lots of craft stores, 
or online from sites like Corsage Creations.
They tend to come with a plastic tab that's handy if you're putting together something complex to attach, but if you're going for something simple like I am, I found it easier to whip this off. 

And some false flowers that you like the look of...
A large corner of my room is taken up with a box of 48 of these beauties.

Firstly, we need to get rid of the stem.
Either just chop it off with a pair of scissors, or if you want rid of the leaves as well, these are often  glued on so prepare to ruin your manicure and simply pull them away from the main flower.

Now you'll need to superglue the end of a piece of 
fine ribbon in a matching colour to the base of your flower. 
Once the glue is dry, pull the end of the ribbon underneath one of the outer petals.

With the loose end of the ribbon, weave across the width of the band.
Pull tight up the the edge of the flower.

Lay the band flat against the base of the flower 
and again, pull the loose ribbon end underneath the next outer petal.
Repeat the weaving back across the band and looping under the petals until the flower is secure from each angle.

Once the flower is secure, the ribbon will naturally fall between the beads of the band.
You can now neatly tie of the end, give a good splodge of superglue if you want to be doubly safe and cut any excess.

Hey presto!
One handmade cream rose wrist corsage.

Now just two more to make... then for the button holes!


Making for Travels...

I've spent the last couple of weeks investigating honeymoons...
(Less than 5 months to go!!)
...and all of my daydreaming inspired me to get the old sewing machine out.

I bought a huge roll of beautiful vintage fabric a while back
and I've been really nervous about cutting into it, 
but then bit the bullet to give this little project a try...

See what I mean about beautiful fabric? 
I'm in love with this pattern.

Inside... One side with space for cards, cash, lists etc.
(can't go anywhere without lists!)
and the other with a very carefully measured passport pocket and ticket pocket.

I can see myself making a few more of these now that I've figured out the pattern.
I need one just right to take on our honeymoon =)
I want to make some with more carefully thought through colour combinations, 
some form of fastener and other carefully selected super powers.
Am I the only one who loves to make lots of one thing?

I might even add a few to my shop,
what do you think?

Much love,

Nikki Joy x


Sunday Sketches and Scribbles

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.
Life is incredible busy, 
but there's always time to scribble on a Sunday afternoon.

Much love,

Nikki Joy x