Inspired by Portraits

I'm obsessing at the moment over beautiful portraits.
Nothing inspires me quite so much as a soft simplistic sketch with a gorgeous splash of colour.

Here's just a few pieces I've found myself in love with recently... 

Is it just me who wants to grab my sketchbook and start doodling at the sight of these?

Seeing gorgeous art really inspires me to draw more often and develop my style.
How about you?


  1. these are fantastic! i too love a great portrait. recently i have been really into designing lady portraits for tattoo flash. they are so much fun! i love when they look a bit different then the traditional flash and look a bit more artsy!

  2. these are fantastic!! I want to do one inspired by the first one... beautiful.

  3. i wish i didn't have to get up so early tomorrow morning, because yes, they make me want to draw and paint right now. i wish i could and would take much more time for my art!
    i read your previous post and it reminded me of the sketch-a-day i used to have going on over at artsy ants, and i wonder if i should gear myself to start up again with it soon. would you join me?


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