A week in pictures...

I spent most of this week down South with my parents.
It was a way overdue break from the norm and a lovely chance to get to hang out with two of my favourite people, eat my mum's cooking and go mega wedding shopping.

I don't know about you, 
but I love a chance to have a good nosey at snippets of other peoples' real lives.
So I thought I'd share some highlights of my week in a few photos...

1. A long train journey with the necessary cuppa and peanut butter kit kat and a good book to read. Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin is amazing by the way! 
Some really good tips for my upcoming craft stall!!

2. My brand new tea cup necklace, won from a sweet giveaway from Misty Aurora.

3. Walking upstairs and finding my mum had bought me flowers... what a gem!

4. The most beautiful sunset I've seen in years... with not a proper camera in sight.

5. A small part of a great haul from a craft shopping trip with my mum 
(at a craft warehouse that genuinely had a creche-type room for men 
with a huge TV and a sofa in!)

6. My hilarious feline friend Jynx pulling faces.

7. Doughnuts the size of my head during an immense shopping trip.

8. Another beautiful night sky.

How was everybody else's week?

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