Wedding Wednesday - Favour Inspiration

One of the little wedding details I've been really looking forward to planning is the favours. 
It's such a great chance to get creative 
and say a little thank you to all the people who have 
come to celebrate the day with you.

I've been collecting ideas for months and months 
for the perfect favour and here's a few that I love...

Cake in a Jar
Kim from Oh, Sweet Joy shared this great tutorial including recipe a while back 
for these adorable cake-in-a-jar favours. 
I love how these look when their all lined up
and they sound like they'd taste delicious.

Coffee Bean Pouches
This great idea is from Miss Alyssa
I wish I had more coffee drinker friends so that this would go down a storm. 
I think it's lovely and I adore the personal touch of the stamping.
I imagine the room would smell great with these as well. 

Hot Chocolate Kits
For a winter wedding, I think it's nice to embrace the cold with seasonal favours.
Design Sponge features this sweet idea for festive DIY hot chocolate kits.
Why have sugared almonds when you could have sugar in liquid chocolate form??

 Style Me Pretty shared this beautiful image of mismatched scarves 
for those lovely ladies who may well sacrifice warmth for the perfect outfit. 
I love the idea of doing this for the evening when it gets cold, but you'd need the budget for it. 

Honey Jars
Because jam is so Summertime, 
but I just love stuff  in jars... 
and winter is best with honey on toast. 
These beauties are available on Etsy from Pam Powell of Melys Favours
(from her very own honey bees' honey!!)

I'm spending this weekend at my parents' house, 
where we'll be making my favours ready for my fast-approaching big day (thanks, Mum!)
I'll make sure I share photos and maybe even a tutorial when we're done! 


  1. Cake in a jar, I've never thought of something like that. That's too fun!

  2. i'm linking up with joelle today too and just found your blog! loving it and following along. i love the hand-made favors...it's such a sweet, personal touch.

  3. love love love the stamps used in 2 and 3 - we're trying to find one for our wedding, too!

  4. The cake in a jar is awesome! I love wedding favors. We gave little succulents as gifts and it is great because people still tell me they have it and how happy the plant is doing, that always makes me so happy!

  5. I love these! Sometimes favors can be a little useless, but these are great ideas! Definitely things that your guests will love :) Thanks for linking up today my dear!


  6. Love love these ideas! Congrats on your upcoming big day!! I hope you had a wonderful time creating your favors with your mom! =)

  7. I love the idea of pashminas! I never thought of it, but it seems so romantic!

  8. Sweet !!! Maybe I could do this for Christmas too :£ I'm sure my guests would love these :)

    Love Chrissi xo



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